Rikkoutuva (Breakable), solo exhibition, Promenadigalleria, Finland, March 2021.

My solo exhibition, Rikkoutuva (Breakable) is taking place at the Promenadigalleria, Hyvinkää, Finland, 13.3.-31.3.2021. The show is composed of installations that are formed of numerous small parts. Instead of concentrating on small individual pieces I rather tell stories in arrangements of multiples. The topic of this exhibition is belonging, pining and fear of losing. In my work I aim to suggest order into chaos, harmony and quiet. I hope to reach this by offering wonderment and awe, by arranging an elevating experience away from the mundane.

The installations are composed of thousands of eggshells. These eggs are dyed using colors which I make from plants, berries, vegetables and other natures offerings. Sustainability issues in art production is important to me and my aim is to create art that in the end can be taken apart and returned back to nature.