Printmakin for vision impaired persons

On Monday nights I run a printmaking workshop for vision impaired and blind persons in Iiris-keskus, Helsinki. We are a group of five persons, me being the only visioned person in the group. All the other participants have either a vision impairment or are blind. All participants are experienced art or craft workers, therefore the visual methods and needed physical skills are there. However, the multiple printmaking methods are not that familiar to this group.

During this course we explore nature through printmaking aiming to find suitable techniques to all participants and their level of vision. As we have no printing press as such, we use methods that I'm familiar with from the schools that normally don’t have any printmaking equipment available. I have also run numerous printmaking workshops in various places such as The National Gallery of Ireland, the Natural History Museum of Ireland, The National Museum of Ireland throughout the years. As a rule, in these places you need to concentrate on printmaking methods that do not need any special equipment. This is what I’m good at. I used to call myself the Mary Poppins of the printmaking world as I used to “fly” around Dublin with my wheelie bag to hold printmaking workshops in different venues.

I'm totally passionate about simple printmaking methods that can be done by everybody. I want to demonstration that printmaking is not only for professionals but can be done without complicated tools, at home and without any dangerous fumes. Should you be interested in a printmaking workshop for children, the elderly, persons who need special assistance or in fact anybody, please do get in contact with me.